We strongly believe that sustainability starts a long way prior to the stitching process and a good design should keep in mind the whole lifecycle of each garment.

By working closely with artisans and partner organizations in rural India, our brand focuses on creating a transparent supply-chain, where men and nature are harmonically integrated.

Meet the makers and find out how fashion can be a real catalyzer of big changes:



Partner organizations Hess 7Weaves 

Deep in the heart of idyllic Loharghat Forest in Assam, our partner 7Weaves shows how a piece of cloth can help conserve biodiversity, empower women and bring economic freedom. 

From the wild silk cocoon to the dye-yielding plants, everything is grown and harvested by indigenous communities using only native natural resources. Indigo, madder root, turmeric, lac and a wide range of plants that grow abundantly in the forest are used to create the most mesmerizing colors.


7Weaves and Hess


Assamese communities have been cultivating Eri silk for centuries and 7Weaves  found a way to use the knowledge and creativity that have been passed down through generations to create the world’s most sustainable fabric.

Based on a green textile infrastructure, the entire production is completed by forest communities using low impact techniques. In order to preserve the Indo-Burma biodiversity, 7Weaves created a unique model based on the principles of ecological economy, increasing environmental protection altogether with production. Sustainable luxury at its finest.